Innovation in Hockey

Delivering the Gold Standard in Hockey

The year 2016 marked 60 years since the Kookaburra hockey ball was first used in Olympic competition – when the Olympics were held in its hometown of Melbourne in 1956.

Since 1984 every Olympic hockey match has used a Kookaburra ball, the Kookaburra travelling to each of the nine Olympic cities from Los Angeles to eventually it's next stop in Tokyo should the games go ahead.

The Dimple Elite Mark II ball was developed to be the absolute best ball in the game featuring a micro-foamed polyurethane core. The innovation was co-developed between Kookaburra, Dow Chemical and Pacific Urethanes and produces a ball with a superior and more consistent performance than balls with traditional cores. It was this innovative approach to ball making that is unparellelled in world hockey today.

You can check out all of the market leading hockey balls in the Dimple Series HERE!

Currently our research and development team are working to create a Kookaburra Smartball (enabled for hockey as well as cricket) that will deliver unparallelled tracking for players and coaching staff to improve the game through real time feedback at their fingertips. Watch this space for further developments in the near future.

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