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Whether you are a batsman, wicketkeeper or close fielder, effective and sturdy protection is the most important equipment required during gameplay – especially for your head. That’s why Kookaburra cricket helmets are certified and compliant to all protective standards. Suited for a range of playing levels, each helmet is equipped with comfort, visibility and lightweight lining to ensure peak performance. Read More...


Non-obstructive, lightweight cricket helmets

Customisable internal padding and a lightweight steel faceguard provide maximum protection on the pitch. Thanks to ergonomic shaping and unique shock dissipating lining, unmatched comfort, safety and visibility are experienced with each wear. All helmets include three sizes of padding for a personalised fit.


Neck guards are also available online at Kookaburra. Their unique design makes them easy to attach and adjust to size. Made from a moulded shell with HDF lining, the guard simply clicks to the helmet and provides optimum protection to the neck.


The craft behind the design

Helmets have not always been a staple in cricket, in fact, the first time a player wore a helmet on the field, they were booed off. Flash forward fifty-some years later, and the cricket helmet has quickly become a fixture for safety in the game.


Cricket balls can weigh anywhere from 155.9 grams to 163 grams and can be bowled at a variety of speeds reaching a maximum of about 145 kilometres/hour. Our cricket helmets are designed with this in mind and are compliant with all protective standards.


Containing a foam injected cavity between the inner and outer shells of the helmet, this cutting-edge technology helps cut down the risk of accidents and injury. Whether you’re new to the game or the next Tim Paine, the helmet is one of the greatest assets a cricketer can have.


Shop high-quality cricket protection gear from Kookaburra

Personal protection on the pitch is crucial to ensure safe gameplay. Kookaburra consistently provides players with high-quality safety gear, from batting pads to cricket helmets. Whether you are looking to upgrade your batting gloves or are just getting into the sport and need a range of equipment, our team will be happy to assist you further.

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