Readers League Cricket Balls

Readers have been the leading manufacturer and supplier of leather cricket balls in the UK for more than 200 years, trusted by more cricket leagues than any other brand. 



Crafting a distinct identity is a pivotal aspect of a league cricket ball. Every ball, meticulously manufactured at our Kent facility, bears the league's chosen logo. Our production process accommodates a variety of logos, offering a powerful advertising opportunity for cricket league sponsors as their logos grace thousands of balls in active use each season.

Employing traditional techniques, such as gold foil and a brass stamp, our dedicated team ensures the careful branding of each cricket ball before they undergo the final polishing process.

Our branding service extends beyond cricket leagues; numerous schools opt to have their crests emblazoned on cricket balls, facilitating easy identification for school-related activities. Additionally, we cater to corporate needs, producing and branding balls for various corporate purposes.

Should you be interested in any level of personalised or individually stamped cricket balls please contact our team at [email protected] or call 01536 209210



Readers Cricket Ball Manufacture



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