Readers League Cricket Balls

Kookaburra acquired British cricket ball manufacturer Alfred Reader & Co in 2002.   Readers have been the leading manufacturer and supplier of leather cricket balls in the UK for more than 200 years. 

Readers are also the only manufacturer of rotationally moulded plastic balls in the UK – producing world renowned Windballs as well as hockey balls to the highest standard of consistency and performance. 



One of the most important attributes of a league cricket ball is the creation of its identity.

Each ball produced at our Kent factory is individually stamped with the chosen logo from each league. All types of logo can be accommodated. What better way of advertising a cricket league sponsor than having their logo applied to thousands of cricket balls for use each season.  

Using traditional gold foil and a brass stamp, our team carefully brand each cricket ball before they are sent to the final polishing process.

We don't just offer this service to cricket leagues. Many schools have a crest branded on their cricket balls, allowing them to be easily identified for school use. We can also produce and brand balls for corporate use.

Over the years we have produced balls for use many special events, including some very special limited edition cricket balls as a birthday present to an England footballer!

Should you be interested in any level of personalised or individually stamped cricket balls please contact our team at [email protected] or call 01536 209210



Readers Cricket Ball Manufacture

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