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Cricket Clothing

Confidence is key in cricket. Browse our extensive range of cricket clothing items from short sleeve tops, active pants and training shorts, our one-stop shop has everything you need to dress the part – on and off the field. Shop whites and creams to wear on match days or stock up on comfortable training clothing to practice your batting skills in. Read More...


The history of cricket’s iconic white uniforms

Cricket players can generally be seen in a white getup on match day, but why? Because cricket is usually played in the intense summer heat, white was deemed a practical colour as it helps to reflect the sun’s rays, keeping the player cooler all day long.


At the international level, all-whites are only worn for test cricket matches. All other matches are conducted with players wearing uniforms with their team’s colours. The style of uniform can vary depending on the position played. Modern cricket pants typically have elastic content to prevent damage when fielding. Jumpers are a popular choice for wicketkeepers to avoid abrasions from the pitch when diving for balls.


Shop our collection of Kookaburra cricket clothing

Whether you are looking for gameplay kits or off-field clothing, Kookaburra has you covered. From hoodies to branded tees and track jackets, our online shop stocks a range of training gear for any type of player. Constructed with StayCool technology, all our training gear is designed to be worn on even the sunniest and warmest Australian days.


All our Pro Player, on-field clothing items are also made from our breathable StayCool fabric and are 100% polyester. Equipped with a regular fit, protective gear can be worn underneath without feeling any discomfort.


Kookaburra, establishing the game since 1890

For two centuries, Kookaburra has been supplying quality cricket gear, putting players ahead of the pack. From batting gear to cricket shoes, all our products are designed to provide optimum gameplay on both national and international fields. Join the movement, shop Kookaburra today.

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